Why Air Forces Fail

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The Air Force Association has published a summary article of two vital books on airpower: Why Air Forces Fail

edited by Robin Higham and Stephen Harris, and The Influence of Airpower Upon History by Walter Boyne.

The article is in PDF format and consists of 18 slides highlighting the insights from these book. AFA President Michael Dunn writes: “Take a minute to review the slides – they are dynamite. As you read and digest them, think to our own future … and see how many of these lessons can and should be applied to our future. Then … on the last slide of the briefing, we have endeavored to look at the US Air Force – as it looks in 2008, then project what lessons a ‘failure’ might look like circa 2025.

If you look at only one slide of this 18 slide briefing, look at the last one.”You can find the briefing at: http://www.afa.org/EdOp/AF_Failure.pdf



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