Zumwalt Class Destroyer Cancelled on Cost Overruns

Three US Navy Arleigh Burke Class AEGIS destroyers fly the flag. Put this image on your office or den wall. Buy a poster or framed art print at the PatriArt Gallery.

The US Navy’s flagship DDG 1000 Zumwalt land attack destroyer program has been cancelled. Navy officials cite massive cost overruns which would threaten other procurement programs.

The two Zumwalt Class destroyers currently being built will be completed. The Navy’s requirement for additional destroyers will be met by building more Arleigh Burke Class (DDG 51) destroyers instead of the DDG 1000.

The new Arleigh Burke destroyers will be outfitted with some systems originally developed for the Zumwalt Class, including the 155 mm Advanced Gun System and the SPY-3 AEGIS radar and fire control system.


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