CNO Releases Podcast on Maritime BMD

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead recently recorded a podcast for the fleet in which he discusses the vital role and recent successes of AEGIS and maritime ballistic missile defense (BMD) throughout the fleet.

In the podcast, CNO stressed the important work Sailors are doing and how maritime BMD supports the maritime strategy.

“The AEGIS system, the capabilities that it brings in ballistic missile defense and area air defense, supports the maritime strategy extraordinarily well. We’re a global Navy…We project power when we’re required to do so, and we provide for sea control,” Roughead said.

CNO said the capabilities the Navy has now will prevent ballistic missiles from becoming weapons of blackmail and intimidation in the future. He emphasized that every part of the Navy fits into maritime BMD and supports the global mission.

“Even though it may be the AEGIS ships that are the ones launching the missiles that intercept the ballistic missiles, it’s the total Navy approach. It’s the ability for all of the information to be fused; for all of our ships to be out operating globally, operating forward, providing for that sea control and being ready to project power wherever and whenever needed. We’re a total Navy, we’re a great Navy and we’re a Navy made up of great Sailors,” Roughead said.

To hear all of CNO’s podcast, visit\

Rebekah Blowers(NNS)


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