Italian Submarine Visits Norfolk

The Italian submarine ITS Salvatore Todaro (S 526) arrived at Naval Station Norfolk’s Pier 3 Aug. 1 to begin a 13-day visit following the submarine’s participation in a Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) with Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group.

Todaro’s participation in JTFEX and follow-on port visits is an historic first for the Italian Navy, representing the first time since World War II an Italian submarine crossed the Atlantic. During this deployment, ITS Todaro will be involved in training activities with the U.S. Navy, testing several on-board systems in an operational environment different from the one the Italian Navy usually operates in.

Before leaving the U.S., Todaro will also participate in Columbus Day celebrations in New York City in October.

ITS Todaro was commissioned on March 29, 2006, and is the first of four submarines in the U212A class of submarines. The submarine is led by commanding officer Lt. Cmdr. Mauro Panebianco. ITS Todaro is manned by 6 officers and 21 petty officers. Its homeport is Taranto, in southern Italy.

The diesel/electric-powered Todaro is 183-feet long, and has a diameter of 22 feet. The submerged displacement is 1830 tons.

JTFEX is designed to test and evaluate a battle group’s reactions to multiple wartime scenarios from small craft attacks to land-based missile attacks and is the final certification for a battle group preparing to deploy. The exercise demonstrates the continued commitment of the U.S. and Italian navies to building stronger relationships.

Xander Gamble (NNS)


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