1,000 American Soldiers in Republic of Georgia

Over 1,000 US servicemembers, DoD civilian employees and contractors are in the Republic of Georgia even as Russian attack aircraft and tanks continue their assault.

About 130 Americans are stationed in Georgia to train the Georgian armed forces for peacekeeping and anti-terrorist operations, including preparing units for deployment to Iraq.

Approximately 1,000 additional personnel from U.S. Army Europe’s Southern European Task Force, the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, the state of Georgia Army National Guard, Army Reserve, U.S. Marine Reserve, Sailors and Airmen are in Georgia for the Immediate Response 2008 multinational training exercise. Soldiers from other European nations participated in Immediate Response 08 as well.

While Operation Immediate Response 08 conculded on July 31, the American participants have not left Georgia yet. A US European Command spokesman states the US personnel are in the south of the Republic of Georgia, well away from the Russian invasion zone.

The spokesman, Lt. Col. John Dorrian, declined to say whether the US forces “level of involvement” in the Russian-Georgian conflict would change.


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6 Responses to “1,000 American Soldiers in Republic of Georgia”

  1. Veritas Vincit Says:

    Eyewitness accounts near the Georgian military base of Vaziani report via video available on YouTube that among the casualties were soldiers with US markings on their uniforms.

    As of Tuesday August 12, Stars and Stripes reported that there were at least 127 US military personnel remaining in Georgia and, perhaps more that were awaiting transport out following the conclusion of Operation Immediate Response.

    Seems the Russians showed their immediate response to US troop presence on their southern border.

    Where was the Commander-in-Chief? Watching the Olympic Games in Beijing. When did he take command of the situation? On Monday August 10th. Where is the coverage of this in the US mainstream media? Not a word, just the games.

  2. worldmilitaryhistory Says:

    Some good points there. Re. the uniforms, Vaziani was the site of “Immediate Response 2008”. I would not rule out that some uniforms may have been left behind in a hasty withdrawal.
    But it is obvious that Washington, not Tiblisi, was Moscow’s primary (political) target in this assault. Discredit the US in the region and internationally.

  3. Tybalt Brim Says:

    Immediate Response 08 concluded and the soldiers and Marines associated with it were out of Georgia before the Russians crossed the border.

    Just so you know.

  4. worldmilitaryhistory Says:

    Immediate Response 08 concluded before the Russian incursion. According to the US military, the American troops who had participated in the exercise were still in southern Georgia (away from the combat zone) when Russian forces crossed the border.

  5. 96B Says:

    worldmilitaryhistory: Actually that’s incorrect. The US and international forces involved in Operation Immediate Response 2008 (in the thousands) were out of country by a number of weeks before the Russian offensive.

    However, there is/was a small number (in the hundreds) of Army SF and support staff, which were training the Georgian military unit(s) slated to be deployed into support of OIF, that remained in-country during the fighting (although uninvolved). These are the forces that were referred to by the US military as still being in southern Georgia.

    The eyewitness account(s) of US flagged casualties were never corroborated, even by the reporters who heard the claim – nor anyone else. And the account seems to be limited to a single claim by a civilian lady, with no military experience, that also claimed they were wearing ‘black uniforms’ in a highly populated area. The account is highly unlikely to be correct.

  6. Tybalt Brim Says:

    I was one of those troops in the exercise, chucklehead. And we had left.

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