Air Force Humanitarian Missions



For over 35 years, the C-9 Nightingale was the only US Air Force jet aircraft dedicated solely to the Medical Evacuation or Medevac mission. Named in honor of Florence Nightingale, the C-9 was a robust, reliable friend to wounded soldiers worldwide. The last USAF C-9 Nightingale, flying in the Headquarters US Air Forces Europe or USAFE theater of operations, retired from the 86th Air Wing at Ramstein Air Base Germany in 2005. Buy the C-9 Nightingale poster or framed print at The PAtriArt Gallery.

The US Air Force is about much more than bombs and missiles. Air Force medics deploy worldwide on emergency and planned humanitarian and training missions. USAF has compiled a few articles lately showing where its medical personnel have been.

MEDFLAG 08 in Mali, where an Aviano AB, Italy-led team of medics trained more than 160 doctors, medics, and nurses, and treated more than 4,000 patients (report);

 Air Force medics from 16 different bases recently returned from a medical exercise in Panama, where they treated more than 8,300 patients over a two-week period (report);

In Laos, medics from Pacific Air Forces units provided first-responder training for Laotian medical personnel, teaching some to be trainers themselves (report );

Air Reserve medics were part of the New Horizons Task Force in Peru, where they are providing medical,  dental, and optometry care, in a rotating schedule with other US military medics. (report )


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