US, Poland Agree on Strategic Cooperation

On August 20, after signing a ballistic missile defense agreement in Warsaw, the United States and Poland issued a Declaration on Strategic Cooperation Between the United States of America and the Republic of Poland. The Declaration calls for elevating the already close U.S.-Poland security and defense cooperation relationship to a new and higher level.

The Declaration affirms the commitment of the United States to the security of Poland and of any U.S. facilities located on the territory of Poland. The Declaration underscores that both nations face a growing threat from the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and associated delivery systems. Missile defenses, including the interceptor base in Poland, provide a necessary and critical capability that can be used to defend both our nations and other NATO Allies from long-range missile threats.


The United States and Poland intend to enhance their security through political-military cooperation, information sharing, and defense industrial and research and technology cooperation. A Strategic Cooperation Consultative Group will serve as the primary mechanism for furthering the U.S.-Poland strategic relationship.

An important new area of expanded cooperation involves the deployment of a U.S. Army Patriot air and missile defense battery in Poland. The United States intends to begin this deployment in 2009 with the aim of establishing a garrison to support the U.S. Army Patriot battery by 2012. The Government of Poland intends to provide an appropriate site, infrastructure, and facilities for this garrison acceptable to both countries.


Additionally, the United States remains committed to assist Poland with the modernization of its Armed Forces, and recognizes that this assistance will strengthen Poland’s contributions to NATO and facilitate strategic cooperation between our two countries.
(Based on a US State Department release)


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