Western Hemisphere Nations Gather to Discuss Regional Security

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Delegations from 34 countries in the Western Hemisphere will descend on Banff, in Canada’s Alberta province, during the first week of September to build partnerships and solidify practical cooperation in areas ranging from natural disaster response to peacekeeping support.

Canada will host around 650 delegates for the VIII Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (CDMA) September 2-6. The conference, held every two years, is organized this year on the theme of “Hemispheric, Regional and Sub-regional Defense and Security Enhancement: Confidence-Building through Cooperation and Collaboration.”

Canadian Defense Minister Peter Gordon MacKay says his country hopes to provide an atmosphere that will encourage the kind of dialogue “which has strengthened defense and security relations in the hemisphere.” The gathering sets out to advance regional security cooperation, increase civilian defense expertise, promote civil-military relations and reinforce civilian-led militaries.

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