Baltic states need NATO help, US says

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NATO should show Russia it would defend the Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – in the event of attack, the US has said, as Russia’s recent invasion of Georgia continues to send ripples through European security arrangements.

Read more at EU Observer


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One Response to “Baltic states need NATO help, US says”

  1. bieksia Says:

    One would think that such ideas if indeed were to turn into promises would be a comforting thought to the people of the Baltic States. A reminder that the United States and it’s Allies had made similar promise to the Baltic States when they were forcibly incorporated into the so called Soviet ‘Union’. The People of the Baltic States waged a long term armed resistance to the invading ‘Soviets’ (RUSSIANS) while clinging to hopes that promised assistance from the ‘Free World’ would be delivered. These promises were never kept. The resistance was eventually overwhelmed by
    the vast numbers and overwhelming capabilities of the Soviets. Leaving those small states to be brutalized by their invaders. Mass arrests, deportations and slaughter were to follow.

    Actions are more valuable than ideas and promises.

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