Thunderbirds Swear-In Air Force Recruits



The Air Force Thunderbirds are USAF’s ambassadors to the American people. Find this poster, framed print, or 12-month calendar of the USAF Thunderbirds aerobatic team at The PatriArt Gallery.

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the 364th Recruiting Squadron partnered together recently at the Travis Air Expo 2008 to conduct the largest Delayed Entry Program swear-in ceremony to date. 

Thunderbirds commander Lt. Col. Greg Thomas administered the oath of enlistment to 154 men and women from northern California before an ecstatic crowd of more than 80,000 air show spectators.

The effort of 364th RCS recruiters narrowly edged out the 361st RCS Timberwolves’ record ceremony involving 151 future Airmen, established July 19 at the 2008 McChord Air Expo in Washington. 

“I asked my top producing flight to put this event together, and I challenged them to beat the old record,” said Lt. Col. Ruben Rios, 364th RCS commander “Not only did they deliver on the record, they did it in a flawless manner. My hat’s off to Charlie Flight and their primary action officer, Staff Sgt. Eric Bond, for exceeding my expectations once again — just typical of the incredible talent we have in our recruiting family.”

Throughout the air show weekend, the newly sworn-in recruits assisted air show spectators at the Raptor recruiting trailer and Air Force football toss. The enthusiastic future Airmen also helped garner contact information on people interested in Air Force career opportunities.

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