Russia Prepares to Fight NATO

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The Stability-2008 strategic maneuvers of the Russian armed forces are gaining momentum.

On Monday, Tupolev Tu-95MS Bear-H and Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bombers began training flights with full combat payloads and the live firing of cruise missiles at practice targets.

The Stability-2008 strategic exercise, which began Sept. 21 in Russian and Belarusian territory and at sea, is the largest since the Soviet era. Within the next month the armed forces will be practicing a wide variety of tasks, including containing armed conflicts and strategic deterrence.

In total, the drill will feature tens of thousands of servicemen, thousands of vehicles, air and naval forces, space troops and strategic nuclear forces. The exercise is remarkable not only for its scale but also its character.

The Russian and Belarusian armed forces practice operations both in simulated local conflict and in full-scale warfare, involving aggressive fighting for air superiority, missile defense, naval warfare and strategic strikes.

The potential adversary is not directly specified, but, judging from the drill’s scale and the tasks, it could be fairly stated that it is considering the U.S.-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization and its allies.

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One Response to “Russia Prepares to Fight NATO”

  1. Mihigo Says:

    Russia is doing all this after realising they may directly confront US in the future after they found a passort of US national in the confrict zone.Direct confrotation was always avoided during the cold war. For US to consider direct confrotation with Russia in my view is the arrogance of the highest order which Russia should confront with every arsenal @ its disposal.

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