“Operation Greeting Card”

Naval Calendar 2009

Naval Calendar 2009

Find our Naval Calendar 2009 — with 13 thrilling images of US warships and their allies in action — exclusively at The PatriArt Gallery. That’s also your best source for posters, framed art prints, and greeting card sets featuring US Navy ships, aircraft, and Naval Special Warfare personnel in action. Visit the PatriArt Gallery for all your holiday shopping needs.

This holiday season, Americans can send soldiers and wounded troops greeting cards — even if they don’t know their names.

An American Red Cross program is allowing the public to send holiday greeting cards that aren’t addressed to a particular soldier. The cards will be screened, sorted and distributed to military hospitals and bases nationally and overseas in time for the holidays.

“The eyes of the soldiers really light up” when they see greeting cards sent from the American public, said Lt. Col. David Oclander. Oclander was in Iraq around the time of last year’s program and remembers seeing soldiers, even those in the most remote locations, carrying cards around.

Some put the cards “in their vehicles when they go out on patrol,” he said. “It really helps brighten their days, especially when they’re enduring some long separations.”

Read the full article at Army Times and find out how you can make a deployed servicemember’s holiday happier.


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