America: Still the Essential Power

Naval Calendar 2009

Naval Calendar 2009

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Peter Brookes wrote a great essay on why the world still needs America, and especially the United States military. It begins like this:

Sometimes you don’t miss something until it’s gone. While this old chestnut is most often rolled out when referring to a lost but seemingly troubled love, or a trying but departed friend, it might be said for American military might as well.Indeed, many are predicting that we’re entering the twilight of American power–American preemi ­nence. This notion is no doubt reinforced by the cur ­rent economic troubles, a contagion that seemingly began in the United States and has since spread around the world.

While it might be true that American power has peaked in a comprehensive way, certainly in relative terms, especially with the rise of China, Russia, India, and Brazil, I would suggest that American power, particularly its military dominance, might be sorely missed in the years to come if America is indeed on the wane–a refrain, I’ll remind you, that we’ve heard before.

For those who may greet a decline in American power with glee, I admonish you: Be careful what you wish for. You’ll be sorry when it’s gone. Let’s conjure up for a moment what a world without American mil ­itary power might look like.

Read the entire essay at The Heritage Foundation


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