Gates Envisions Quicker Iraq Withdrawal

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Defense Secretary Robert Gates is walking a political tightrope between contradictory policy positions of his current and future bosses. Deviating from the Bush administration position he long upheld, Gates recently suggested he is open to a 16-month withdrawal timetable from Iraq and a speedy closure of the Guantanamo detention center for terrorist suspects.

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One Response to “Gates Envisions Quicker Iraq Withdrawal”

  1. Stephen VanNuys Says:

    I gotta be honest, I’ll be stunned if they substantially pull us out in 16 months. I just foresee the place decending into a nightmare after we get about 8 or 10 months into such a plan. Now- I might not be surprised to see us reduce and “redesignate” over 16 months- get down to 80,000 or so soldiers who largely remain on bases across the country. But the 16 month plan I think most Americans envision is something far more dramatic than that. Will be interesting to see if Obama has strong enough convictions on this matter to pursue an aggressive policy position here. Will be more interesting to see whether it actually works. I must say though, if it does work and the country doesn’t decend into chaos- Obama better send a note to GW, thanking him for the surge.

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