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US shouldn’t sacrifice tanks, Bradleys for FCS

October 31, 2008


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ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 28 (UPI) — Pentagon policymakers tentatively decided last weekend to terminate a competition for the military’s next generation of communications satellites.

The program was supposed to give each warfighter easy, secure access to the global information grid as part of the joint force’s migration to networked warfare.

The plan now is to restart the satellite program as a less costly effort on a stretched-out schedule, but the more likely outcome is that the program simply dies for lack of support in the new administration. That would be a real tragedy, leading to the avoidable deaths of many warfighters who cannot obtain timely links via other means.

Setting aside the utter lack of transparency in this last, misguided decision by a failed administration, what lesson might be learned from the satellite’s termination?  Read Loren Thompson’s entire editorial