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USS New Hampshire (SSN 778) Delivered to Navy Ahead of Schedule

August 29, 2008

On August 28, General Dynamics Electric Boat delivered the New Hampshire (SSN-778), the nation’s newest and most advanced nuclear-powered attack submarine, to the U.S. Navy eight months
ahead of schedule, reports General Dynamics in a press release.

At a brief shipyard ceremony, Electric Boat President John Casey gave
credit to the Navy, the shipbuilders and the supplier base for  achieving the early delivery date. “This ship is a tangible reflection of the skill and craft of thousands of industry and shipyard workers. And it clearly demonstrates the nation’s commitment to a strong national defense,” he said.

“As a result of numerous production and process improvements, Electric Boat is delivering New Hampshire to the Navy in 71 months, 16 months fewer than the lead ship,” Casey continued. “Put another way, we reduced the time between when the ship enters the water and when it is delivered from 14 months on the first ship of the class to less than 6 months on the New Hampshire.”

New Hampshire is the fifth ship of the Virginia Class, the Navy’s first
major class of combatant ships designed with the post-Cold War security environment in mind. Virginia-class submarines embody warfighting and operational capabilities required to dominate the littorals while maintaining undersea dominance in the open ocean.

“Like the previous ships of the class, New Hampshire has been designed specifically to incorporate emergent technologies that will provide new capabilities to meet new threats,” Casey said. “This enables the Virginia Class to make unique and significant  contributions to national security for decades to come,” he said.

Electric Boat and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding have received contracts to build the first 10 submarines of a planned 30-ship Virginia Class under a teaming agreement that splits the construction workload between the two shipyards.

Virginia-class characteristics

Displacement:  7,835 tons

Length:  377 feet

Beam:  34 feet

Payload:  40 weapons; special operations forces; 
                unmanned undersea vehicles

Weapons Launch:   Four 21-inch torpedo tubes;     
                               12 vertical-launch system tubes

Weapons:  Tomahawk land-attack missiles;
                  Mark 48 advanced capability torpedoes

Crew: 134 officers and enlisted men

Ships of the Virginia class

    — USS Virginia (SSN-774)

    — USS Texas (SSN-775)

    — USS Hawaii (SSN-776)

    — USS North Carolina (SSN-777)

    — New Hampshire (SSN-778)

    — New Mexico (SSN-779)

    — Missouri (SSN-780)

    — California (SSN-781)

    — Mississippi (SSN-782)

    — Minnesota (SSN-783)

    — North Dakota (SSN-784)

SOURCE  General Dynamics Electric Boat