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AFSOC to “Borrow” from Army to Create AC-27J Gunship Force

December 14, 2008

Air Force Special Operations Command is slated to receive two of seven C-27J aircraft bought with fiscal year 2009 dollars originally intended for the Army to build gunship versions of the aircraft, Inside the Air Force has learned.

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USAF Special Operations Command Gets OK to Buy 16 AC-27 Gunships

October 21, 2008
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Air Force Special Operations Command has received Pentagon approval to purchase 16 L-3 Communications-Alenia AC-27 gunships, according to a senior service official.

The approval — delivered via program decision memorandum II — also gives the Air Force the OK to install a medium-caliber cannon on the aircraft, according to Brig. Gen. Bradley Heithold, AFSOCā€™s top acquisition officer. His comments came during an Oct. 7 presentation during a munitions conference here.

In addition to either a 30-millimeter or 40-millimeter gun, the AC-27 will fire stand-off, precision-guided munitions like the Northrop Grumman-built Viper Strike bomb, the one-star said.
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The Gunship Gap

August 19, 2008

In what appears to be a significant departure from previously announced intentions, Air Force Special Operations Command now eyes the AC-27J, a weaponized version of the C-27J transport, as its next gunship.

AFSOC now sees the AC-27J as the solution to fulfill the requirements that the command had defined under the notional AC-XX concept that it envisioned as a replacement for the aging and extensively used AC-130s.

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