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Mine Warfare ‘Shifts Colors’ to Southern California

December 28, 2008
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The Navy’s mine warfare community is “shifting colors” from Texas to Southern California. The mine warfare ships, squadrons and support units will begin to leave prior to the end of this fiscal year 2009.

Sailors negotiating for orders in support of mine warfare (MIW) should know that the mine warfare community is planning to move from Ingleside, Texas, to Southern California.

Naval Station Ingleside has been the Center of Excellence for Mine Warfare since the base opened in 1992.

“Sailors know that there is a fleet concentration area here, specifically for surface mine warfare,” said Chief Navy Counselor Malcolm T. Schneider, Navy counselor for the mine warfare community.

“Many Sailors who take orders here are either from Texas, want to retire here or know that because there is a surface mine warfare fleet concentration here, they can go from sea duty or shore duty and back without moving their families,” said Ingleside’s Senior Enlisted Leader Senior Chief Dewite Wehrman.

However, Naval Station Ingleside is slated to close in September 2010, based on a 2005 Base Realignment and Closure decision.

“The mine warfare community is shifting homeports beginning Spring 2009,” added Schneider, an 18-year Navy veteran who is a native of Cleveland.

With that shift, goes the fleet concentration center. The mine countermeasures ships, along with dedicated personnel, equipment and support will move to the San Diego area.

“As the transition of the ships and staffs take place, supporting systems such as CMS/ID (career management system/identification), will reflect the changes,” Schneider said. “Sailors within their projected rotation date window now, who are negotiating for orders to any mine countermeasures (MCM) crews or ships, are headed to Southern California, not Texas.”

In addition to the MCM ships moving, other mine warfare commands moving to the West Coast include MCM Crews, MCM Class Squadron, MCM Squadron 1, MCM Squadron 3, Mobile Mine Assembly Group, and Mobile Mine Assembly Unit 15.

“Having realistic expectations and maintaining a positive outlook for the impending move to San Diego is the best thing that Sailors can do,” said Lt. Cmdr. Tracey Mays, who manages Sea Special Programs for Navy Personnel Command. “As many of the Sailors in this area have spent the majority of their careers in Texas and with the current economic situation, many will be faced with various challenges that will require tough decisions. As such, command leadership is vital to ensuring the smoothest transition possible for these Sailors.”

Sailors interested in the exceptional opportunities within the mine warfare community, should speak with a detailer or command career counselor.

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