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Is US Facing a Cyber-Disaster?

January 4, 2009

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One expert has compared the failure of the information infrastructure to the simultaneous arrival of 50 major hurricanes in terms of how disruptive it would be to the national economy.

Against this backdrop, the rapid proliferation of cyber threats and the apparent adoption by some countries of information warfare as a national strategy is very troubling. Most of the nation’s economic infrastructure, including the information grids, is privately owned, and there are legal barriers to determining precisely how vulnerable parts of it may be.

Experiments conducted by the Department of Homeland Security have demonstrated how Internet predators might penetrate utilities and shut them down Read the full upi report.


Cyber Attacks From China Show Computers Insecure, Pentagon Says

August 9, 2008

Cyber attacks originating within China have exposed vulnerabilities in U.S. military computer systems that “increase the urgency” for improvements, according to a top Pentagon official.

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, in a 70-page request sent to Congress July 11, asked to shift $1.8 billion in approved spending to other programs, including computer security, reports Tony Capaccio at

“Recent attacks from China on Department of Defense networks and systems increase the urgency to construct cyber systems” that can’t be penetrated, England said.

England said the Pentagon must develop its own technology. Building effective, secure systems for military command-and- control and sharing sensitive information between the military services and allies are requirements that “cannot be met with current commercial products,” he said.

Analysts said England’s statement is the Pentagon’s clearest public admission that its computers have been penetrated by China.

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