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AMC stands up new en route structure wing in Europe

September 6, 2008

C-17 Globemaster III

C-17 Globemaster III

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Air Mobility Command officials stood up a new wing Sept. 4 as part of its en route structure in Europe.

The 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, will become the headquarters for the existing 721st Air Mobility Operations Group at Ramstein AB, and the new 521st AMOG at Rota AB, Spain.

“This new wing will provide an enhanced level of control for our en route structure in Europe, which includes critical locations for getting people, cargo and patients to and from current war zones,” said Col. Kimberly J. Corcoran, who is appointed to be the 521st AMOW commander, and currently serves as the 21st Expeditionary Mobility Task Force vice commander at McGuire Air Force Base, N.J. “The strategic locations of the bases allow the mobility fleet to travel without air refueling. They also provide maintenance and aerial port servicing, as well as give time to aircrews for crew rest.”

“This wing standup demonstrates that AMC’s en route structure is a flexible organization, shaped by the needs of our nation’s security,” said Maj. Gen. Winfield W. Scott III, 18th Air Force commander. “We’re always looking for opportunities to make our system more responsive and efficient. This is one more example of adjusting the system to meet our nation’s needs.”

About 1,800 personnel will be assigned to the new wing. More than 1,200 will stay with the 721st AMOG and its subordinate squadrons, supporting flights transiting Ramstein AB; Aviano AB, Italy; Spangdalem AB, Germany; and Royal Air Force Mildenhall, England. The new 521st AMOG at Rota AB will have about 500 people and have operational control over squadrons at Rota; Lajes Field, Azores; and Incirlik AB, Turkey.